The easy way to Buy A Beehive

A beehive for every budget and backyard

Why buy a beehive??

BEES are incredible insects.  They play a crucial role in our environment through pollination, and they produce the amazing honey we all love so much.  The problem is we need more honey bees to help our planet survive.

Here’s how you can help, buy a beehive, or two or three, to put in your backyard, find your nearest supplier of queen bees for sale and buy one and, of course, buy bees.   You can be a backyard beekeeper and start your own apiary, or simply have a backyard beehive as a hobby. You don’t need to be an expert beekeeper.  You’ll find heaps of beekeeping books, starter beehive kits, flow hive beehives, bee suits, and beekeeping supplies on our pages to help you on your beekeeping journey.  Our beehive reviews can help you the easy way to buy a beehive

Beehives under $200


If you’re on a budget (we have all been there) or you just want to start with a small beehive, the hard work has been done to help you find the right beehive for you.  You will find a quick review on the top five beehives under $200 and we’re sure you’ll find one here just right for you.

Beehives over $200

flow hives

So if you don’t have a budget,  you’d simply like another beehive and get started on your own apiary, or you’d like to upgrade your current beehive, there are plenty of larger and more expensive beehives.  There are some fantastic beehives here so check them out.

Beekeeping Supplies

best honey extractor

Now that you have your beehive and bees sorted, there’s some other equipment you will need.  From honey extractors, beekeeper suits (aka sting proof bee suit or beehive suit), beekeeping tools, oxalic acid treatment and books, we have got you covered.

Beekeeping Books

Whether you have a backyard beehive or you’re starting your own apiary, there are so many great beekeeping books available for both the novice and enthusiast beekeeper.    You’ll find all the answers to your beekeeping questions in our great range of beekeeping books.

Beekeeping Clothing

Now you’ve got your beehive, your beekeeping supplies, and you’ve read one of our beekeeping books, all you need now is beekeeping protective clothing.  With such a wide range available, you can choose a full beekeeping suit or a jacket with a veil and some gloves.

Bee Blog

If you’d like some more information about bees and beehives, we have some great articles over in our “Bee Blog”, with topics ranging from how to keep your bees happy in a bee friendly habitat, to keeping your bees save and secure during winter. Happy reading!

Top 7 Beehives

1.  Apimaye  Ergo Plus 10 Frame Langstroth Insulated Beehive Set

The Apimaye 10 Frame Langstroth Insulated beehive Set allows you to rest easy during extreme weather.  This wonderful insulated design has your bees’ comfort at heart, basically guaranteeing an excellent habitat. This provides your bees the best possibility to thrive despite the cold temperatures outside during the winter months. Helping to keep your bees warm in winter and cool in summer, is the material used in this product, UV-resistant plastic (HDPE) with double layer insulation.


  • Assembly:  Pre-assembled and painted
  • Design: Simple, easy to open and user-friendly
  • Insulation:  Double layer insulation that provides all year round protection   
  • Set includes:  20 x Plastic frames – easy to set up and user-friendly; and screened bottom board, frame spacers, entrance reducer, top feeder, and division/uniting board.


  • Foundation: not included
  • Price: May be more than a beekeeper beginner would like to outlay

2. Little Giant 10 Frame Complete Langstroth Beehive

This Little Giant 10 Frame Complete Langstroth Beehive is perfect for the beginning.  The clever design beehive made from Eastern Pine (bees love it), ensures your bees are safe in any weather and still leaves enough space for good ventilation under the beehive.  A great addition to your bee farm or a great starter beehive for any beginner.


  • Assembly:  Pre-assembled
  • Design:  Simple, easy to open and user-friendly
  • Metal Cover: Protects wood in any weather
  • Ventilated Inner Cover:  Allows air circulation
  • Set includes: Telescopic cover; mite grid; and entrance reducer


  • Requires painting

3. Goodland Bee Supply Complete GL4STACK 4 Tier Bee Hive Kit

Goodland Bee Supply Complete GL4STACK 4 Tier Bee Hive Kit is the perfect beginner’s kit including great quality both interior and exterior, from a quality, well known bee hive manufacturer, Goodland.  Reasonably priced, this kit comes with everything you will need to get started on your amazing beekeeping journey.


  • Design:  Easy to assemble, user-friendly
  • Set includes:  1 Queen Excluder; 1 Telescoping Hive Cover; 1 Inner Hive Lid; 1 Bottom Board With Entrance Reducer; 2 Large Brood Body Boxes and 2 Super Boxes; 20 Each Large and Small Pine Frames and 20 Each Large and Small Black Plastic Pierco Foundations


  • Assembly required (easy)

4. Mann Lake HK160 Assembled Complete Hive Kit

Mann Lake HK160 Assembled Completed Hive Kit is another great and popular beginner’s kit.  This clever beehive design, made from pine wood, allows you to add a second hive as soon as your bees need room to expand.  Very reasonably priced for the beginner, so there’s no reason not to start your beekeeping journey today.


  • Assembly:  Pre-assembled
  • Design:  Simple, easy to open and user-friendly
  • Set includes: hive box with inner cover; telescopic roof; entrance reducer and bottom board.


  • Requires painting
  • Queen extractor not included.

5. Ware Manufacturing Home Harvest Beehive

Ware Manufacturing Home Harvest has been designed to provide the best possible home for your bees.  This great design is made from white stained cedar, which is insect-resistant and durable, while the roof helps to keep your bees nice and dry.


  • Design:  Clever, user-friendly, expandable
  • Includes: Two observation windows and adjustable airflow


  • Assembly required (pretty easy)

6. Honey Keeper Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit

Honey Keeper Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit is a very popular product, and for good reason.  With this well known and respected manufacturer you can be assured of top quality products, and that includes this great beehive kit.  This clever design provides your bees with a spacious home which is also expandable.  This kit is a great beginner’s choice, but also is perfect for the enthusiast – after all it just keeps on growing!


  • Design: Clever, user-friendly, expandable
  • Includes:  Easy to assemble kit; pre-assembled metal roof (telescopic); 20-Frame Hive 10 Deep and 10 Medium; deep super frame and medium super frame, with foundations; solid bottom board; entrance reducer; inner cover; and queen extractor


  • Assembly required (easy)
  • Heavy once assembled

7. Flow Hive Classic Langstroth 6 Frame Beehive

The Flow Hive Classic Langstroth 6 Frame Beehive is ingenious in design and becoming more and more popular with beekeeping beginners and enthusiasts alike.  This beehive is built using The Wetern Red Cedar which is fungus resistant and insect repellent to keep your bees happy in their new beehive.


  • Design:  Clever, user-friendly
  • Includes: brood box with 8 standard frames; super 6 flow frames with honey collecting tubes and Flow Key; screened bottom board; queen extractor, roofing and inner cover


  • Assembly required (easy – instruction manual provided)
  • No foundations

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