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Beehive Supplies for your beekeeping journey

Now that you’ve made the decision to be a beekeeper (good for you by the way!!) you might like to think about some essential beehive supplies you will need to get you started.

We’ve got you covered with beekeeping supplies like beekeeping starter kits, honey extractors, protective clothing, bee T shirts, oxalic acid vaporizers, and more. 

We’ve also got some great books on beekeeping to help you get started and answer all your questions. Happy beekeeping!!

VINGLI Honey Extractor

This Vingli 4 Four Frames Manual Crank Honey Extractor #304 Stainless Steel Beekeeping Pro Extraction Equipment Honeycomb Spinner Drum Honey Separator Commercial Honey Centrifuge with Adjustable Stand is constructed with stainless steel this easy to assemble and use honey extractor is heavy duty and will take up to 4 standard frames, deep, medium or shallow.  The legs are height adjustable and, if you prefer, you can remove the legs and use the honey extractor on your table top.  You simply insert your honeycomb and turn the handle, and watch your honey being extracted through the clear plexiglass lid.

6 Piece Beekeeping Supplies Starters Kit

For the beginner and expert alike, this fantastic beekeeping kit is made of high quality stainless steel, plastic, and wood. You can use it as a starter kit or an addition to your existing apiary.  It includes a beehive smoker, brush, frame gripping, uncapping fork tools, scraper, and bee feeder.

Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit

This pre-painted and pre-assembled starter kit is a great way to start your beekeeping experience. It comes complete with 10 frames with yellow waxed RiteCell foundation, painted bottom board with entrance reducer, and painted telescoping cover with inner cover, leather gloves, Alexander bee veil, beehive smoker with guard, hive tool, and Starting Right with Bees Book.

Check out these fantastic beehive supplies - perfect for your apiary!

Heavy Duty Oxalic Acid Vaporizer v15.12

Made in the USA with high quality materials, this high quality and durable vaporizer is easy to use and very functional. It provides all you need to easily, simply, and very effectively keep both Varroa and Tracheal mites at bay. 

The CNC Machined pan, battery clips, 12 feet of protected electrical wire, and glow plug are all included for your convenience.

Mann Lake HH160 Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

This stainless steel honey extractor HH160 6/3 Frame hand crank extractor without legs, is a great addition to any beekeeper’s equipment, whether you’re a novice or adding to your existing apiary business. It’s made of 26 gauge stainless steel material and can hold 6 shallow or 3 medium or 3 deep frames at any time.  It has a 1 1/2 inch honey gate.


Bottom screen board

This screened bottom board is an essential part of your beehive.  It has a built-in pollen trap and drawer,  a ventilated system for controlling moisture and entrance reducers.

Beekeeping Tool Kit

This beekeeping tool kit is a great beekeeping starter kit. It includes an uncapping fork tool,  frame grip, brush, entrance feeders (x3), Queen bee catcher, and stainless steel smoker.

Beehive Wax Frames

There are 30 pieces of honeycomb wax foundation frames included in this boxed set.  Perfect to set you on the right track to get started your apiary journey and make your bees happy too.

Honey Refractor

Designed to check honey quality this honey refractor allows you to check not only the honey but the moisture as well. Durable, easy to use and carry it’s an ideal addition to your beekeeping supplies


Honey Dippers

This pack of honey dippers contains 3 mini dippers with  deep grooves making it to get the perfect honey portion to spoon or drizzle on your favorite food like toast,  pancakes (yum!!), add to your breakfast or sweeten coffee or tea.

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