Best Premium Beehives Over $200

For the beekeeper enthusiast

Beehives over $200 – for the more experienced beekeeper

So if you don’t have a budget, you’d simply like another beehive and get started on your own apiary, or you’d like to upgrade your current beehive, this section of beehives over $200 has larger and more expensive beehives.

Once again, we’ve listed the top 5 more expensive beehives to make it easier for you.  There are some fantastic beehives for sale, so check them out.

Top 5 Beehives over $200 for sale

Official Flow Hive 2 Cedar 6 Frame – Langstroth Style Beehive 

This amazing and original flow hive design helps beekeepers extract the honey from their beehives effortlessly.  It’s perfect for beginners and experienced beekeepers alike. 

These Flow Hives are constructed in both USA and Australia using high quality materials including BPA free and BPS free plastic (food grade) and premium Western Red Cedar.  They also include a screened bottom board designed for excellent pest management. 

The flowhive’s attractive design has a gabled roof and observation windows so you can keep an eye on your buzzing bees working on some tasty honey! 

Apimaye Ergo Insulated Bee Hive Set with Plastic PRO Frames

This award winning beehive has an amazing design and features that ensure fast, easy, and fun beekeeping all the time.

It comes with some great standard features including 20 plastic frames and frame spacers, queen excluder, top feeder, entrance reducer, a screened bottom board with trap and drawer (great protection from Varroa mite), and more. 

Severe weather and moisture build up are no problem with this beehive’s clever design and insulation. 

Beehives over $200 – Complete Honey Bee Hive Kit

Life with the bees can be fun and exciting when you have this 10 frame beehive in your garden. Made from high quality by USA Amish craftsmen, it’s certainly built to last. 

Included are 20 pine brood and 20 super frames (all built using high-quality pine).  There are also 40 plastic foundations (food grade, of course).  The top cover is telescoping, so you can keep an eye on your bees.  There’s an inner cover and the bottom board is screened.   A great beginner’s beehive.

Calling all beekeepers!!!

Check out these great beehives to get you started on your apiary journey.

AutoFlow Wooden Beehive by Golden Palace

Your apiary experience is bound to be a great one with the Golden Palace 7 frame autoflow hive model. It’s made from fir wood and has food-grade, BPA free, FDA-certified plastic frames.

It comes unassembled with easy to understand instructions so the whole family can lend a hand!!

Before you know it, you will be harvesting honey the “easy peasy” way directly from your flow hive into your honey jars. 

Happybuy Langstroth Bee Hive 4 Layer Langstroth Box 20 Frame Beehive Frames 2 Brood Box 2 Super Box Langstroth Beehive Kit

This Langsthroth beehive from Happybuy has a very simple, yet stylish design.  It’s made of high-quality pine wood.  Its clever design makes it very user-friendly and it’s also easy to install. 

This great looking beehive includes 20 deep deep frames and foundations, 20 medium frames and foundations, deep and medium super boxes, bottom board, inner cover and telescoping cover.  A great beehive – a great buy!!!


Of course, setting up a beehive can be easy if you know how, and/or are more experienced. If you’re just starting out on your apiary journey and need a little more information and help, these books are an amazing source of information.  You can’t go wrong with great books.  

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