Best Budget Beehives under $200

For the beginner beekeeper

Beehives under $200 – Beehives on a budget

If you’re on a budget (and we’ve all been there, right!) or you just want to start with a small beehive, we’ve taken the hard work out of finding the right one for you.  We’ve listed the best features of the top five beehives under $200 and we’re sure you’ll find one here just right for you.

Beehive Kit

Made of quality pine, this USA made pre-assembled, unpainted, Bee Hive Kit is all set to receive your ordered bees. Included with this Bee Hive kit are 10 unpainted wooden frames with yellow waxed RiteCell foundation.  The bottom is a solid  board, and the entrance reducer is unpainted. The solid bottom board with entrance reducer provides sturdiness and durability to the bee hive.  It also comes with telescoping cover with inner cover.  This Bee Hive Kit is unpainted.  Size(approx) :  22″ (length) x 18.5″ (width) x 13″ (height)

Langstroth Honey Keeper 20 Frame Complete Box Kit with Metal Roof 

This pre-assembled bee hive kit includes 10 deep super frames and 10 medium super frames with foundations.  Also included is a metal telescoping roof to protect your bees from harmful elements. The solid bottom board, queen excluder, entrance reducer, and inner cover make this an ideal and essential flow hive for novice beekeepers.

VIVO 20 Frame Beehive Box Kit Langstroth

Easy to assemble, this flow hive includes all the equipment perfectly suited for beginner beekeepers. The 10 medium frames are best used for beekeeping during spring, summer, and fall. The 10 deep frames included in the flow hive are there to use during the winter season. The unpainted and unstained pine wood box makes it a chemical-free and wood preservative-free flow hive. Protection from the elements is provided by the telescopic metal roof. A step-by-step manual included with the flow hive kit provides easy to understand setup instructions.

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Buy a beehive under $200 and you can have amazing honey from your own Beehive and save money too!!

Ware Manufacturing Home Harvest Bee Hive 

The peaked roof design to this solid cedar wood beehive helps to keep the bees and beehive dry during rainy days and is designed for low maintenance and for ease of use.  The ventilation control design allows for adjustable airflow which is very important.  This beehive also has a very convenient two window design, perfect for seeing what’s going on with your honey bees in the beehive.

Assembled, painted 10 frame complete Flow Hive Kit

Made of quality pine, this assembled flow hive from the USA is ready to receive the honey bees. The 10 deep frames and 10 medium frames of the flow hive make harvesting or working fuss and mess-free. The unpainted entrance reducer and the solid board bottom provides sturdiness, durability, and problem-free elements to the flow hive. Using yellow wax RiteCell foundation to the wooden frames provides a sense of permanence to the flow hive.

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