Essential Beekeeping Protective Clothing

For your protection while working with bees

Beekeeping Protective Clothing

How Important is it to be protected from your bees?  VERY, unless you like getting stung! Seriously, no one wants to be stung by bees!!!  And some people are highly allergic to bee stings.  We have some great beekeeping protective clothing – or bee suits as some like to call them – to protect you while you’re on you’re building your apiary and becoming a beekeeper.  

Protective clothing is a good start in trying to minimising the risk (or at least the number of times) of bee stings.   By wearing protective clothing, you will feel much safer and, most probably, be more confident in handling your bees. As a minimum, you should consider wearing a bee suit for complete protection.  Some beekeepers prefer a full bee suit, some prefer a jacket, some just prefer a veil.

Along with the bee suit, it’s important to make sure you wear beekeeping gloves to protect your hands and arms.  There are some great beekeeping suit options on this page for men, women and children, (some in varying colours as well).  The choices are entirely yours.  So what are you waiting for, pick a suit and have fun with your apiary journey.  Enjoy!!

beekeeping protective clothing

What are you waiting for? Buy a bee suit and stay protected while working with your bees!

Here are some great bee suits and beekeeping protective clothing

To keep your kids protected too!!

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