lemongrass oil and spearmint oil for bees

How to use Lemongrass Oil and Spearmint Oil for Bees

In the 17th Century using herbs or natural oils was thought to be mixing potions and you could very easily have been accused of being a witch! Thank goodness we have progressed since then.  Now we have essential oils readily available to support our lives in so many ways.  One of these ways is how we use lemongrass oil and spearmint oil for bees.

Essential oils have so many uses outside aromatherapy and, as the general population learns more about the powerful punch of nature at its best, essential oils are becoming a more mainstream and popular choice.   

Attracting bees to your beehive  

Essential oils even have uses in beekeeping to support and maintain the good health of your hives as well as helping to fight some common honey bee hive ailments. Lemongrass oil for bees and spearmint oil for bees are two of the most common essential oils for our bees. 

A popular but not widely known benefit for beekeepers is that lemongrass oil attracts bees. 

Check out this video by beekeeper Uncle Hoss to see the power of attraction between lemongrass oil and bees. 

Lemongrass Essential Oil

Lemongrass essential oil for bees has been used in Africa for the last 60 000 years.  Even today, one of the most popular essential oils for bee keepers is lemongrass oil. It is a great treatment for within the hive itself.

Lemongrass essential oil can also be utilized in swarm traps. Just a q-tip with a dab of lemongrass oil on it will have bees coming from all around to investigate. The reason for this is that lemongrass essential oil for bees mimics the honey bee pheromone that is naturally produced by bees to attract other bees. 

It also works well for helping anchor your bees when starting a brand-new top bar hive. The power of these oils is just amazing to watch 

If you put lemongrass essential oil for bees inside a swarm trap, like the one offered by East Coast Bees you will have bees show up to see what is going on.  

If you put lemongrass essential oil for bees inside a swarm trap, like the one offered by East Coast Bees you will have bees show up to see what is going on.  

Lemongrass oil for bees if good for so much more than just baiting a swarm trap. You can use it to treat your hive with a supplement for certain nutritional needs that your honey bees have.  Make your own honey bee health tonic from scratch and add a dash of lemongrass essential oil for bees as part of the mixture every time.  

Spearmint Essential Oil 

Spearmint essential oil for bees will assist your battle against varroa mites naturally. Better for the bees, better for the environment and better for your health too. So, if you are having a mite problem or just want some early protection, then spearmint oil for bees or thyme oil might be your first choice.  


Spearmint Essential Oil and Lemongrass Essential Oil Mixture

Spearmint essential oil for bees mixed with lemongrass essential oil for bees will help your bees resist the pathogens carried by mites, boosting the bees’ immune systems.  

Honey B Healthy contains both of these essential oils. Add it to your bee sugar syrup or fondant to improve the health of your colony, especially during the winter months. 

Thyme Essential Oil

Essential oils can help your bees live their best life. Varroa Mites are nasty bugs that can attack your honey bees and hive. They suck the bees blood which leads to death due to blood loss. Heavy duty chemicals are certainly not your only or best option when dealing with these mites.

Thyme oil contains thymol which acts to confuse the mites. Use a screen bottom board along with thyme oil and the mites will become very foggy and fall through the screen bottom board and not be able to climb back to enter the hive. Have a look at the VIVO Screened Bottom Board Frame from Langstroth as a great option to use along side a few drops of spearmint essential oil for bees.  

How to administer essential oils to bees 

You can administer lemongrass oil to bees in your regular sugar syrup through a regular hive feeder or when you add fondant patties as part of your winter feeding. Just add a dash of lemongrass oil before placing on the trays. Some people spray their bees with sugar water when working on the hives. Bees are highly organized creatures and like to be clean. When you spray them, they immediately lick themselves clean. Just add lemongrass essential oil for bees to the mix before spraying the hive and the bees will get all the benefit of lemongrass oil that they would if you put it in their food.  

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